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                              KSSUPER is one new high-tech enterprise, we involve research, development, production and sales service for surface treatment material, we provide excellent and competitive products for electronic electroplating, auto electroplating and electroplating.

                              Electronic electroplating has oil removing, micro-etching, de-flashing removing, de-plating processing, it becomes first choice for many listed packaging enterprises; we have leading zinc/ Zinc nickel Alloy/zinc-iron alloy processing. We have more than one hundred customers, they are famous enterprises. We are successfully providing spare parts for Volkswagen, Audi, General, Honda, Toyota, Wuling etc.

                              Kunshan SUPER has strong research and development advantage, we always produce and upgrade our products, currently, and we have much more national invention and practical patent. Our company spends ten million RMB for establishment of sales, research and development centers. The center is located at Kunshan Northern High-Tech Zone, and the center covers an area of 10000m2, construction area reach up to 6000m2, now we are using the center.

                              The philosophy of Kunshan SUPER is crating value for customers, and we try our best for becoming excellent supplier during our industry.

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                      Address: Floor 5, Building 2, Jiayu International Business Plaza, No.664, Chunhui Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province
                      TEL:0512-57172539 / E-mail:sales@kssuper.com

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