key recommendation
                      Galvanization / zinc alloy...
                      Galvanization / zinc alloy...
                      Sealing process
                      Before and after treatment...
                      Nickel plating process
                      Gold plating process
                      Tin-plating and tin alloy process
                        KSSUPER is one new high-tech enterprise, we involve research, development, production and sales service for surface treatment material, we provide excellent and competitive products for electronic electroplating, auto electroplating and electroplating.    
                        Electronic electroplating has oil removing, micro-etching, de-flashing removing, de-plating processing,it becomes first choice for many listed packaging enterprises; we have leading zinc/ Zinc nickel Alloy...
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                      ZK50 Acid zinc plating process.
                      ZK50 Acid zinc plati
                      1、Resistance f
                      Z60 Alkaline non-cyanide brightening Zinc-plating process;
                      Z60 Alkaline non-cya
                      1、Strong abili
                      ZNICEKL 920 Acidic zinc-nickel alloy technology
                      ZNICEKL 920 Acidic z
                      1、Plating solu
                      ZNICEKL990 Alkaline non-cyanide barrel plating Zinc-nickel alloy technology
                      ZNICEKL990 Alkaline
                      1、We solve slo
                      ZNICKEL980/970 Alkaline non-cyanide rack plating Zinc-nickel alloy technology
                      ZNICKEL980/970 Alkal
                      1、There are ab
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