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                      Notice for attending 2014 Automobile anti-corrosion and coating technology forum 2014-03-19
                      Celebration our company for attending 26th Chinese International Surface Treatment Exhibition 2013-11-27
                      Notice for attending 26th China International Surface Treatment Exhibition 2013-06-29
                      Our company gain tile of excellent enterprise of Jiangsu surface engineering industry in the 2010 and 1012 2013-06-23
                      Between December 23 and December 24, 2012, our company organizes staffs for attending manager courses training about effects of leader. 2012-12-27
                      Notice for holding push ups and sit ups competition in January 2012 2012-01-16
                      Celebration for successfully attending 24th China International Surface Treatment Exhibition 2011-11-26
                      Notice on attending 24th China International Surface Treatment Exhibition 2011-04-30
                      Our company organizes staff for learning contract law 2011-06-16
                      Our staffs attend Huangshan Mountain tour 2011-04-15
                      New lab of our company is put into use 2010-05-16
                      Notice for attending 2010 Ningbo International surface treatment, electroplating and painting exhibition 2010-06-12
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