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                      Notice for attending 2014 Automobile anti-corrosion and coating technology forum
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                             The forum is held by Chinese Institute of corrosion and protection and Hubei Institute of corrosion and protection and Hubei Institute of Mechanical Engineering is co-organizer unit, during March 19 and March 20, 2014 Anti-corrosion and coating technology forum is held in Wuhan University. Liu Xiusheng, deputy director of Wuhan Research Institute of materials, he preside over the forum, Chen wancheng, vice president of Hubei Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Linan, Professor of wuhan university, they attend the forum.

                              The purpose of the meeting is technical discussion over anticorrosion of automobile and engineering machinery in China. People discuss Anti-corrosion and coating technology of automobile and engineering machinery, people involve anti corrosion design of automobile and parts and coating materials and technology application. The technician gives the details of high anticorrosion plating process for automobile.

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