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                      B7000 plating process of sulfuric acid nickel;

                      1、High-speed plating process of sulfuric acid nickel;
                      2、Nickel plating layer has low stress a

                      No.100 bright process of plating

                      1、Leveling is good, plating layer is white and bright, ductility is better.
                      2、It is easy to c

                      LCD ADDITIVES remove miscellaneous water

                      1、We could remove plating blackening phenomenon caused by impurity pollution of copper or zinc impu

                      B8000 nickel is high temperature resistance

                      1、It is one kind of amino sulfuric acid/sulfur acid nickel plating process;
                      2、Half bright nic

                      Half bright nickel process has high leveling and low stress.

                      1.Additive is excluding coumarin and aldehyde, and breakdown products are less.
                      2.Leveling is e

                      B2000 bright nickel process of barrel plating

                      1、Highly efficient nickel-roll plating brightener.
                      2、The speed of light is fast, leveling is

                      FIN60 gold protective agent

                      1、It adopts nanometer organic compounds; it is suitable for protection of electronic industry, gold

                      FIN30 gold protective agent

                      1、The operation of process is simple. We put work piece into solution; we can obtain protective fil

                      PG402 plating process with high purity and solder ability

                      The process is welding plating process with soft yellow gold plated layer, purity reach up to 99.99%

                      PT-220 High-speed tin plating bath of gloss organic acid

                      1、It is not borofluoric acid, it has organic acid burnish for tin and lead plating liquid, it is ea

                      BS70 Bright tin plating bath

                      1、It is suitable for rack plating and barrel plating.
                      2、It is suitable for complicated produc

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